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By Chris Dawson November 20, 2013 - 8:46 am

forWhereiAm FEATNazish Aslam, an electronics engineer has just won backing for her new local marketing tool forWhereiAm.

forWhereiAm aims to connect local businesses and services directly to consumers with accurate, location-focused information. It will effectively become a personalised, multi-channel one-stop-shop for local deals and information that are specifically relevant to the user.

A real-time message broadcast network will allow interaction with ­individuals based on where they are, down to their postcode using the power of the mobile telephone network.

forWhereiAm LtdNazish explains “Often you don’t know what you are searching for in the local area but would appreciate knowing about, say, any particularly great offers or transport service disruptions. There’s so much information noise out there – sometimes you just want to cut that out and source the filtered, localised information that you really need, by getting it sent straight to you“.

With forWhereiAm, you can now see all of the announcements or offers that are of relevance to you on your own doorstep. It brings the best parts of the high street directly to you and places it in the palm of your hand, encouraging local business and greater footfall”.

It goes even further than local offers and useful information though. I can see in the future services such as forWhereiAm offers such as if Tesco they would know you are there and we could send you vouchers from Asda offering you money off by going to Asda instead. Or if you were in the Apple shop Amazon could send you vouchers offering you a discount on whatever you were purchasing.

Whilst this might be a new venture, it’s already attracted attention from tech start-up backer Peerless Investments Ltd with successful Scots entrepreneur Athif Sarwar as its chairman. The Peerless board includes online Dragons’ Den member Shaf Rasul, and Andrew Gordon of Digital Audio Distribution.

It’s early days but you can sign up as a consumer on the forWhereiAm website or register as a business wanting to send offers and information to consumers.

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