eBay to bin Blackthorne in 2014

By Dan Wilson November 2, 2013 - 5:06 pm

eBay will be ending support for listing service Blackthorne early in 2014 and by the end of September, it will be discontinued altogether according to eBay. You can read full details here on the site.


Blackthorne was developed independently as a third party application back in 1998 and was subsequently acquired by eBay. It was a popular choice some years ago, but has not been so widely adopted of late.

Whilst this is unlikely to affect many UK usuers, because the service was never widely adopted over here, those who do use it will likely find it a headache to transition to a new listing tool.

We advise you to start now and shop around: we have some suggestions at

  • 4 years ago

    I haven’t used it, but SixBit was supposedly created by the same people that originally created Blackthorne. It would seem like the natural alternative for these people to use.

  • northumbrian
    4 years ago

    we have used it since 1998 infuriating at times but the best available for ebay listings,
    though what really worries us is the direction ebay may be taking by canceling this type of software
    coupled with the latest round of seller purges and suspensions

    • northumbrian
      4 years ago

      could the writing be on the wall for turbo lister?

      ebay give a list of alternatives with no mention of turbo lister

    • 4 years ago

      Good question, and the answer is we don’t know. It would make sense for eBay to have all cloud based solutions rather than rely on users updating desktop versions.

      Loss of TurboLister would be a disaster – a desktop version operates at hard drive speeds and then upload in bulk as and when the users is ready at which point it doesn’t matter how long it takes as they can be off doing other things.

      Cloud based versions are only as fast as your Internet speed which for a lot of the country is still quite frankly rubbish and every time you added picturesto your listing you’d be sat waiting for it to upload before you could do anything else.

  • Noel
    4 years ago

    Ha, knew this would happen as soon as we adopted this awesome piece of software earlier this year.
    Turbo Lister isn’t worth a second’s though if you need to list a lot of items all the time (like we do).
    I plodded away with TL until it nearly broke me, and I thought I’d try BT for a few days and it literally transformed the way we operate and allowed to us to put way way more stock online than previously.
    I think we’ll be off to sixbit as it’s by the same people and – importantly – it will import an entire database straight from BT.
    Knew it was too good to last.

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