eBay Super Weekend kicks off today

By Chris Dawson November 1, 2013 - 10:23 am

Christmas Jumper, the first big discount promotion of the Christmas selling season is underway. Just as most of the country get their last but one paycheck before Christmas, eBay have kicked off a weekend of deals with prices slashed by as much as 60% off the touted RRPs.

There are some great deals too (or there were, depending on how late in the day you’re reading this!). The Nook e-readers at £29.99 have already sold out but there’s still time to grab your mandatory for £14.99 (reduced from £40!!).

Macbook AirI also know that Dan will be eyeing up the Macbook Air (, ) and figuring out if he can buy himself a Christmas present or not.

Candyfloss makerPersonally I’m more taken with the which at £22.49 but then I always did have a sweet tooth!

Take a look before all the bargains are snapped up though, and check back for more great deals over the weekend. Also don’t miss eBay’s other promotions currently running – they’ve got the curated selection of products and the selections.

QuadcoptorI would have been a bit quicker writing this post, but I got sidetracked into the of the Hobby Selections. Far too many ways to tempt money out of my PayPal account, I’m thinking I should really have a for starters. Is it a good deal for £79.95?

  • 4 years ago

    I held off buying a laptop the other day from PC World after spotting the advert.

    Hopefully it will deliver.

  • David Brackin
    4 years ago

    You would have thought — then — that eBay wouldn’t be pushing live tech updates which break the way in which relists can happen and prevent sellers from putting their inventory live on the site.

    But this is exactly what we are seeing this week.

    eBay really need to not make platform changes this close to peak selling season while their QA remains unable to trap errors prior to release.

  • Mark
    4 years ago

    Wouldn’t even think of buying an Apple Macbook Air or ANY item from that seller – terrible feedback! IMO

    “I also know that Dan will be eyeing up the Macbook Air (11 inch screen for £669.99, “

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