eBay have updated the search options

By Chris Dawson November 19, 2013 - 1:13 pm

Search OptionseBay have updated the search options in the sidebar and have included for the first time the ability to restrict search to items available under the new Click and Collect program.

The option is only available for items from eBay sellers who offer free click and collect, all of the ones I’ve seen so far are for collection from Argos stores, but doubtless as more high street retailers sign up for the program other locations will become available for those retailer’s products.

At the same time Tamebay reader Gary spotted that a search option for “Sold listings” has also appeared in the sidebar. Sold is different from completed items and it excludes listings which ended without a successful sale.

Of course this was always available in Advanced Search, but many eBay users have probably never spotted that advanced search exists. The real question is why would eBay want to make sold listings more easily searchable – it’s not like you can get a sale from something that’s already sold.

Research of course, but who this is intended for isn’t clear. Is it to make life easy for sellers to discover what price their item is likely to fetch, or is it for buyers so that then know what price they’re likely to have to bid on an auction to win?

  • Mark
    4 years ago

    I use it often as a private seller, to get an idea of what something I want rid of might be worth, which inevitably ends in me listing it – which is what eBay want?

  • Gary
    4 years ago

    It is revealing to make auction and BIN sold search comparisons. For all Ebay’s push and ebay stats PR about BIN sales outnumbering auction sales this appears to be far from the truth in so many categories!

  • radroach
    4 years ago

    Very useful feature in my collectables category. Now we can filter out all the endlessly “free re listed” overpriced items, and see what things are actually selling for.

    • Gary
      4 years ago

      My thoughts precisely. The high number of free re-listed overpriced items made the previous “completed listings” search hopeless. This may encourage sellers of this type to pitch their prices at more realistic levels. Maybe this is what ebay are hoping for?

      To see countless ended listings with 0 bids and starting prices of, for example, £200 when realistic values are around £30 was a complete time waster.

      On the other hand long may this type of seller continue as it makes my items look somewhat of a bargain!

  • Gary
    4 years ago

    “Free click and collect” search? Is anybody actually going to pay for this service? Misuse of the word “free” yet again!

  • jimbo
    4 years ago

    Are these signs of Cassini?

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