eBay expand merchandising to shops (test)

By Chris Dawson November 14, 2013 - 6:50 am

eBay PromotionsMany sellers have been asking us about merchandising promotions and why they’ve never been rolled out giving access to all sellers. Currently they’ve mainly been reserved for eBay Enterprise (outlet) accounts. You’ve probably seen these offers from the likes of Argos such as their current sale event as pictured.

Now it appears that the eBay Promotions Manager, which gives you the opportunity to create retail offers such as ‘Buy 3, get 1 free’, and ‘Save 20% when you spend £100 or more’ across all of your inventory will be rolled out to sellers with a Featured or Anchor Shop.

Currently it’s in trial so all sellers might not be able to access the feature. However if your shop is in the trial then you’ll find Promotions Manager in your My eBay. The merchandising options available in Promotions manager are detailed below.

Many thanks to Martin from for giving us a heads up that Promotions Manager was being made available to more sellers.

Merchandising options with eBay Promotions Manager

Order size offers

Order size offers are an easy way to help increase order size, or amount spent by allowing you to offer money off, a percentage off, or free items per multiple-item purchase.

Related items offers

Related items offers could inspire the purchase of specific items that are often purchased together, such as cameras, lenses and memory cards. Each additional item can be offered at a different percentage discount.

Sale events

Sale events offers allow you to show all your discounted items together for easy buyer access.

Postage offers

Postage offers display all items that have combined postage rules applied encouraging additional purchases to reach the threshold.

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