Drunken purchases often mean returns

By Chris Dawson November 29, 2013 - 9:50 am

Drunken purchasesCustomers may not be being completely honest about their reasons for returning ‘unwanted’ online purchases according to a new study by Hermes. 20% of online shoppers have admitted to purchasing items when they have had too much to drink – and regretted it afterwards.

Overpaying for an item is the most commonly made mistake when shopping online after returning home from a night out. Shoppers said that ordering the wrong quantity or size ranked number two, while buying impractical items came in at three. Erratic bidding on eBay and completely forgetting about a purchase until it was delivered made up the top five.

The findings are drawn from The International Online Shopping Survey 2013, commissioned by Hermes, which for the first time includes 1,000 responses from consumers in both Russia and Germany, in addition to 1,000 in the UK.

According to respondents, an ice cream maker, a Japanese sex doll and maternity clothes by a non-pregnant shopper were among the oddest goods purchased – and with the party season fast approaching, retailers could soon be inundated with unwanted or unsuitable Christmas gifts, bought with good intentions whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Across the three countries, clothes were the number one item that revellers sought after returning home. However, UK shoppers appear to be fuelled by Dutch courage after sex aids came second in the list.

In comparison, the alcohol-fuelled purchase of sex aids in Germany and Russia ranked only fourth and sixth respectively, with computer equipment, phones, jewellery and books proving to be more popular choices.

Gary Winter, Sales and Marketing Director, Hermes, said: “It is important for people to be careful when shopping online after a few drinks. Our couriers have reported back countless times that they handed over parcels to customers who have completely forgotten that they have ordered anything. Maybe it’s time for retailers to add the option ‘bought when drunk’ to their return forms!”

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  • 4 years ago

    Were you “Dunken” when typing the title B-)
    I often “Dunken” my biscuits and have a problem with timing before it drops in my tea.

    Sorry couldn’t resist

  • Gerry007
    4 years ago

    Rotten feedback also rules this time period…..

  • Gary
    4 years ago

    Would agree that the drunken orgy midnight buyer comes with feedback risk. Ebay could introduce a shop opening hours feature blocking buyers during the nightly closing times.

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