Dalepak win award for coffee grinding

By Chris Dawson November 22, 2013 - 8:29 am

Dalepak LtdDalepak have just won the European Supply Chain Excellence Award for E-Commerce Fulfilment. We hear about lots of companies that win awards, but this one really is interesting.

The award was in collaboration with Dalepak’s customer Whittard of Chelsea. Dalepak distributes Whittard’s range of beverages, confectionary and ceramics worldwide, as well as the retail and wholesale business.

Dalepak Supply Chain AwardsThe innovations employed within the contract include custom blended beverages where customers can create their very own blend by selecting the ingredients and flavours which Dalepak then produce onsite, and even onsite coffee blending including a bespoke label for the finished item.

We often think of fulfilment as a pretty boring and mundane, although very necessary task. Dalepak show just what additional services a fulfilment company can provide, way beyond the normal store-pick-pack-ship operation which is what we’ve come to associate with fulfilment.

Congrats to the guys at Dalepak, a well deserved award!

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