Boffer pile of crap on Friday 22nd November

By Chris Dawson November 18, 2013 - 8:14 am

Bofffer smBoffer are moving warehouses and bringing back their “Pile of Crap” deal to clear their warehouse. Rather then move all their stock they just want to get rid of the lot of it and sell all their crap to you.

What you’ll get is a bit of a lottery, it really depends what’s left in the warehouse when they get to packing a box for you. It could be some good stuff or it really could be a load of crap. The one thing we do know is that they’re generally pretty generous on the quantity and you’ll pay a pittance for the crap you get.

If you fancy your own pile of crap log on Boffer at 11.59am on Friday the 22nd of November when the deal goes live.

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