SEO 101 Tip 1: Build Relationships

By Chris Dawson October 2, 2013 - 8:34 am

FusewaveFollowing on from SEO 101 Part 1 & 2 on Link Building, John from Fusewave has some tips on how to get started. Today it’s all about relationships.

Link building tip 1: Build relationships

As I have established in my previous posts, link building is a vital technique to improve the amount of visitors to your website. However, before you start building links you should consider the importance of building relationships.

When embarking on an SEO campaign it may be tempting to jump straight into building links to your domain. However, a successful link building campaign depends on more than just you. As a link builder you are reliant on other people linking to you.

Relationships lgGood relationships lead to good link building and they make quality links much easier to acquire. So, let’s examine the advantages of building relationships before building links.

Why build relationships before links?

• Low cost: Building relationships with webmasters and administrators of respected, authoritative websites can be an effective way to secure excellent links without having to spend valuable man hours contacting sites that may or may not give backlinks. This can save SEOs money and savings can be passed on to clients or to bolster profits.

• Long-lasting benefits: Good relationships can mean reliable sources of links for months or even years to come. This is much more efficient than contacting websites for one-off links.

• Quality links: Strong relationships are a great way to acquire strong links. In link building quality matters and if you have associates that run trusted websites in industries that are relevant to your domain, they could be a fantastic way to get top class links.

• Trust: In search engine optimisation trust is a key concept. It is what search engines look for in the links pointing to your site and if you know the people providing your links you can probably trust the quality of those links.

How to start building relationships

Hopefully you can see the value in building relationships in order to secure great links for yourself or for clients. But how exactly do you do that? Here are a few tips to get you started:

• Attend events: Building relationships offline is just as important as building them online and a great way to network is at industry events. There are numerous Search events held throughout the year, which could be the perfect way to make some useful contacts.

• Be open and honest: When building relationships the aim is not to trick or manipulate people into giving you links, so be honest about your aims. Again trust is key, so speak openly about what you want to achieve.

• Stand out from the crowd: Do something to stand out from the crowd like creating amazing content on your website or a funny video so that people will be interested in building a relationship with you.

• Get social: Social media is a fantastic way to contact people who may be able to help you secure quality links. Twitter is a particularly useful platform for finding and contacting other link builders and webmasters and its advanced search feature allows you to look for specific keywords that could help you find the right people quickly.

• Take a long-term view: The benefits of a good working relationship will last for some time, so look beyond the first link you can get from a contact. Think about the links they can provide in the future and how valuable they may be to you or your clients.

My next post will examine the benefits of entering the blogosphere, in Link building tip 2: Guest Blogging.

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    Thanks for sharing. I think it’s interesting the way that public relations techniques are merging with SEO to create and honest way to increase a company’s visibility.

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    I’m just starting out in link building for my website.
    Thanks for the great article, it has some really useful points to consider.
    Many thanks


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