Repixl product image editing service

By Chris Dawson October 8, 2013 - 9:00 am

RepixlWith editing eBay images by the end of the year a priority (but preferably by the end of October) the more options for getting your pictures compliant the better. Today I spoke to James of Middlesex based Repixl.

Repixl don’t just clip and trim images, they’re also experts at restoration. If you’ve got a well loved but badly dog eared, ripped, torn photo then Repixl can restore it to it’s former glory.

Repixl Photo Restoration

You probably won’t need your ecommerce photos restored however, so what can Repixl do for your business?

Firstly they don’t just clip and crop the product image, their product photo enhancement service will show off your products to their best including which can include removing reflections and any dirt or marks and background removal as well as colour correction, blur reduction, exposure adjustment and brightness correction.

Repixl Product Enhancement

As well as a 24 turnaround on photos, Repixl give you a free unlimited photo storage gallery to upload and store your photos and albums in. One of the benefits is that every version of a photo in your gallery is saved forever. If a photo has been edited but you’d like to restore to the original, then you can do so in just two clicks.

Repixl have a range of services, but a typical product image service costs £2.89 per image. Bearing in mind that a great image can not only increase the sale price of your products but also make them sell faster, if you’ve got multi-quantity listings, then a small investment in images could pay for itself many times over.

  • 4 years ago

    I wonder how RePixl is doing given that there are tons of photo editing apps or many people from developing countries doing photo editing.

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