Linnworks announce 24 hour support

By Chris Dawson October 9, 2013 - 6:53 am

Linnworks featLinn Systems have announce that their Technical Support team are now available to assist customers 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Previously Linnworks were able to offer customers help 9am-5pm, which was extended to 9am-9pm. They also continue to have appropriate coverage over the weekends to ensure that any major issues will be quickly and appropriately taken care of, keeping their subscribers online and working.

This is possible as a result of the Linnworks team growing once more. It isn’t that long ago they were happy to announce that the team had passed 40 members, but now they have reached the next milestone, the magic half century.

Linn Systems now has 50 employees! All of the teams (Sales, Customer Support, Development, Tamebay Ecommerce Cup football team) have grown as necessary, to ensure they can keep offering the same great service and product to their subscribers. They continue to improve and grow their product’s capabilities, and the support they offer, to make it better for existing customers and those who still haven’t tried it.

All Linnworks support staff start by learning to use and troubleshoot the system over their initial period before being rated to work with customers. No call centre staff for Linnworks customers!

All of this means that Linnworks customers across the world are now able to contact a member of the support team throughout the working week, whether it be through the support ticket system, LiveChat or the telephone, and can be assured that Linn Systems are still focussed on keeping businesses that use Linnworks ahead of the crowd.

Brilliant news for Linnworks customers – I don’t know too many providers in the ecommerce ecosphere who offer 24 hour support and yet ecommerce is a 24 hour a day business!

  • 4 years ago

    Horray!!! 3 years of hard work to enable us to do 24 hour support. We also have a dedicated infrastructure, server and security administrators in 24hour rotation.

    Serious stuff!

  • Jimbo
    4 years ago

    Congratulations. Although not a customer I have to say that you are a very likable company, which in my book is a great asset.

  • Startled
    4 years ago

    Is the product that bad that it needs 24-hour support?

    • 4 years ago

      No, the product is that good that people in the US and Australia use it and to them “day time” is our “night time”. 24 hours also means they can get support in working hours while we in the UK are (hopefully) tucked up in bed asleep

    • 4 years ago

      The product needs to be supported in United States, Asia, and Pacific – all of which are in different timezones.

  • MediaDiscs
    4 years ago

    If you have ever used their support, you would know it would be 24 hours of useless nonsense from difficult to understand non-English staff.

    I don’t know who wrote the article but it certainly seems like you are dealing with an outsourced eastern European call centre, from experience I suspect they are not actual employees of Linnworks but I may just be being cynical but it reminds me of trying to order a dell computer over the phone.

    When will companies stop off shoring support!! If they want our business, then have support here.

    • northumbrian
      4 years ago

      we dont use linnworks their support may be the best, but we agree that “support” needs to be support, not just a marketing tag or some call centre working down a check list for idiots

    • Fedor Dzjuba
      4 years ago

      Not outsourced. And far from a call center. Every member of the team is

      We have two offices, Chichester, UK and in Tallinn (Estonia). Majority of people actually work from UK.

      Breaking presumptions of “outsourcing to a cheaper country”, the salaries there are very similar or in some cases higher than in UK. The reason why we have office in Tallinn is the IT/Development talent available there, not the costs. (and of course the fact that I am from there myself, which means I can go and visit anytime I want:)

  • Alex
    4 years ago

    It makes sense for an international product/service.

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