Free listings and the clocks go back an hour

By Chris Dawson October 26, 2013 - 8:45 am

It’s yet another for private sellers registered in the UK. Up to 100 auctions with a start price of £1 or more so long as your account is above the minimum selling standards.

The promotion runs from today, Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th of October and the basic insertion fee is free – all other fees will of course still apply.

It looks very much like the weather isn’t going to be great, plus as the clocks change and go back one hour tonight you’ve got an extra hour in bed. What better excuse to stay up and get a few listing live.

Clocks back one hourDon’t for get that if you list items today at say 7pm, that means that when they finish in a week or 10 day’s time they’ll finish one hour earlier. This isn’t because eBay cut an hour out of the duration of your listing – they’ll still run for 168 hours for a 7 day auction and 240 hours for a 10 day auction. It’ll only seem like they finish an hour earlier because the clocks have gone back!

Full terms and conditions for the are on eBay..

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