eBay trial new “Quick Look” feature

By Chris Dawson October 3, 2013 - 10:36 am

eBay have a new version of the “Quick Look” which I’m currently seeing on most of the Daily Deals pages.

The new Quick look is a pop up similar to the pop ups we’re familiar to seeing from the eBay Feed on the home page, although somewhat better and yet at the same time somewhat worse. I’m not sure why eBay would use two different formats for a very similar feature but in this case they are.

New eBay Listing Preview


The Quick look test has much more prominent images. This is mainly because the image has been raised up and the product title moved to the right hand side.

The title stands out more as it’s in a larger font.

Pricing is bolder and again stands out and is clearly visible.

The gallery of “More results” showing me alternative items I may be interested in is larger and clearer. Clicking to view an alternative item loads quicker than the home page eBay Feed version.

The overall design, including the X to close the window, is quite simply more polished and just… well “nicer”.


Where’s the watch button gone?

Why haven’t eBay included social media sharing buttons?

Bad on both version

Why do I need to click to “See full details” (on the new quick look version) or “View Item” (on the Feed version)? I can see the images, I can read the title. On impulse I really want to buy this remote control life boat even though I don’t have a clue where I can find a lake to run it on…. come on eBay – Give me an Instant Purchase button!

(And I know a lot of sellers will be complaining that I should read their carefully crafted description before I buy, but I never read descriptions on my mobile phone so why would I bother on the website version?)

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