eBay test shows number of images in search

By Chris Dawson October 21, 2013 - 6:53 am

eBay Image NumberseBay appear to be testing showing the number of images a listing has in search results. A tag at the bottom of the image shows the number of images available should you wish to click into the listing to see more.

I like this idea, it’s an invitation to click in and find out more about the product, anything that encourages buyers to view listings has to be good for sellers.

Of course this is only good if you have multiple images and if you’ve loaded these images into eBay’s gallery rather than embedding them into your listing – one more reason for making use of eBay’s 12 free gallery images if you’re not already doing so.

We’re not seeing them on search results ourselves, so many thanks to Jon from who spotted them on his own listings.

  • Dave P
    4 years ago

    Good idea in my opinion. If ebay want sellers to put the extra effort in with more pictures etc then they should be using this to entice buyers to those listings more.
    Have to say a better change would still be to show total price including shipping when looking at search results in gallery view.

  • Dave Dawson
    4 years ago

    Its a shame eBay don’t spend more time recruiting customer service personnel rather than leaving people on hold for 40 minutes. I think I was told by the recorded voice that “your call will be answered shortly” approximately ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TIMES…

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