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By Chris Dawson October 11, 2013 - 1:35 pm

Halloween is on its less-than-merry way, and people across the land are preparing to deck their halls with cobwebs, blood and yucky things. The guys at have scoured the websites of their thousands of clients and put together a selection of quirky goods that are sure to have your guests gasping!

Brain Cake - Lets Bake LoveMmm… Braaaaains!

This incredible brain cake makes for the perfect zombie distraction method. What better to serve up for your trick or treat party than something revolting to eat?

It’s the creation of Lets Bake Love, whose cakes are made fresh to order with the best ingredients available. Every cake is bespoke and unique from the design process to the finished article. Every single detail of a Lets Bake Love cake is handcrafted and specially designed for each client.

Jack O'Lantern Cat Collar - Mog's TogsWhat’s BOO!, Pussycat?

Why should humans have all the spooky fun? Get your moggy into the spirit of things with this creepy cat collar.

It’s made from black ribbon with a pattern of orange leering pumpkin faces, stitched onto black webbing and features a safety breakaway buckle.

It comes from Mog’s Togs, who make cute designer breakaway cat collars to keep your kitty smart and safe. They also sell cat collar charms to finish the look.

Creepy Cats Printed Tights - Frocks2SocksFor Bewitching Legs

Creepy cats printed tights bring the ‘Meow Factor’ to the party!

These colourful Halloween printed tights are purple with printed black cats all over and they are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

If cats aren’t your think then Frocks2Socks also have pumpkin printed Halloween tights (black with printed pumpkins) or how about some really cute funky spider tights (black with purple spiders)?

Hooded Furry Monster Snowsuit - DaffodiliLittle Terrors

This furry, hooded outfit is perfect for mini monsters everywhere.

It’s available from Daffodilil in size 0-3 months; 3-6 months and 6-9 months. If you’re being dragged around the streets making sure your older kids don’t terrorise the neighbourhood too much, this is perfect for wrapping your youngest in to get them in the spirit.

Daffodilil say that at some point in your life, you’ll need to buy a gift for a baby or a child. It may not be your own child, it could be your sister’s, your friend’s, your colleague’s etc. They want you to know that if you need a gift for a little squidger, that you can count on them for something cute.

Zombie Toilet Roll Holder - Delphinus DreamsZombie Toilet Roll Holder

Think you can hide in the bathroom? Think again… This zombie toilet roll holder will ensure there’s no queue for the loo at your Halloween party!

My personal favourite out of the collection have found for us, if you’re having a Halloween party this would be the final scary touch to keep your guests amazed at your attention to detail. With the Zombie’s mouth wide open ready to eat your brains will your kids dare take the loo roll from his outstretched arms? If the Zombie is too scary Dephinus Dreams (shouldn’t that be nightmares?) also have a Grim Reaper toilet roll holder as an alternative.

Many thanks to Jamie and the team at for digging these out for us. If you’ve got something gruesome ready for Halloween let us know in comments. Something to really scare the trick and treaters would be great!

For more Halloween suggestions take a look at community Pin Board for Halloween products.

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