Post Office Drop & Go discount extended

By Chris Dawson September 13, 2013 - 6:06 am

The Post Office have been running a promotion offering 20% discount on the cost of posting medium parcels up to 2kg and small parcels between 1-2kg. The promotion was due to run from the 2nd of September to the 15th September but we’ve just heard that it’s being extended right though to the 20th of October.

If you still don’t know what Drop & Go is, it enables you to simply hand over mail at your local Drop & Go Post Office. The cashier will swipe the pre-paid Drop & Go card, check everything is in order and you can leave, letting the Post Office team deduct the postage costs from your Drop & Go card.

If you use the Post Office to ship your parcels you really should get a Drop & Go card as quickly as possible. 20% off your parcels for the next five weeks is not to be sniffed at (and as a bonus the very earliest Royal Mail workers could go on strike is the 10th of October, so your parcels won’t suffer any delays before then at the very earliest).

  • Jon
    4 years ago

    I have been Dropping & Going at my Post Office for 5 years! If you are friendly enough with your local post office they will probably oblige. I’m sure many other eBay sellers do the same. The problem with this new “Drop & Go” service is that it takes more time filling in the forms than it does waiting in line in the post office. It’s quite unnecessary. The only benefit is the 20% discount which is hardly worth the extra work. I am not surprised though because most of what Royal Mail have done in the last year has not been thought through properly. It’s all part of the big flogging off of our PUBLIC SERVICE. You have to ask yourself why it is cheaper to send parcels to Europe than it is to your next door neighbor & why a shiny new “Drop & go” service benefits only the Post Office when you look past the 20% discount. It’s just a woofer in tweeters clothing.

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