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By Chris Dawson September 19, 2013 - 9:52 am

eSellerPro Seller Update Conference

eSellerPro Seller Update

eSellerPro are holding the final of their three seller update days in London today with over 60 people in attendance. They kicked off with an update of eSellerPro roadmap for their clients and then moved on to the interesting stuff – marketplaces.

In the last two years eSellerPro saw round £688 million in revenue – some 14 million orders per day. Their average customer is turning over around £1.9 million per year.

What’s interesting is where the sales are coming from:
eBay £387m
Amazon £205m
Play £10m
Manual orders £32m
Website £46m
Other £8m

eBay is without a doubt the biggest opportunity followed by Amazon who are no slouch, although for the eSellerPro customers is less than the industry average – normally we’d expect to see a split of 50:50 between eBay and Amazon.

Play is disappointingly small and for most people hardly worth bothering with – Play definitely suits some sellers more than others dependant on product set.

What is a shame is how little business comes from seller’s own websites. Unlike traditional businesses which grew from bricks and mortar, to website, to marketplaces, most eSellerPro’s clients probably started out on eBay which explains why the channel split is so high.

Why eSellerPro client’s Amazon sales are down

Running through some real customer examples it would appear that many sellers have their entire inventory on eBay, but have only listed a part of their inventory on Amazon. In general you only pay Amazon fees when you make a sale, whereas historically you’ve had to pay to list on eBay. With software there’s no reason for not having every product listed on both sites. It stands to reason that if you don’t have products listed then they won’t be selling.

Whilst some products may not be suitable for Amazon the question has to be asked why sellers aren’t listing more as it should be an easy win for more revenue.

What’s the split for your business – are you selling roughly half on eBay and half on Amazon, or are you missing out on business. More importantly do you have all of your products listed on both sites, if not then that’s your first task and then of course it’s time to start looking at cross border trade for another easy win.

  • Carl
    8 years ago

    Not surprising, eSellerPro is much less stable when it comes to Amazon, and a lot harder to handle data. Also eSellerPro easily handles integration for multiple eBay accounts making eBay sales especially scalable for eSellerPro customers.

    I would be interested in knowing what percentage of the website sales comes from eSellerPro’s own websites, and what percentage comes from 3rd party integrations.

  • northumbrian
    8 years ago

    what puzzles me is how these people sell so much sitting gawking at powerpoint presentations

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