eSellerPro plan future “eBay University” events

By Chris Dawson September 20, 2013 - 12:14 pm

eSellerPro Seller Update Conference
Yesterday I rather begrudgingly dragged myself out of bed at 5.30am to get on the early train to London. It’s far too early a start in the morning for me but I wanted to attend the third and final eSellerPro Seller update event and boy was it worth it!

I was massively impressed with the half day event which ran from 9am through to 2pm. Judging by the comments from retailers afterwards they too were equally impressed.

The reason that the event was so good was it was entirely tailored to giving attendees actionable advice which they could take away and put into effect immediately. Even better, apart from the time investment, most of the changes retailers could make would be free to implement and eSellerPro backed their advice up with data from their existing customers to give an estimation of additional revenues to be expected from implementing the changes.

I’ve already written about why some retailers aren’t selling as much on Amazon as on eBay (potential to grow from 30% business on Amazon to 50% of total revenues on Amazon) and tips for optimising listings (potential to triple traffic to your listings and double sales), but there was a ton more useful advice.

There was advice on tools to improve item specifics, information on how to handle feeds from manufacturers for virtual inventory (to save up front costs) and how to send feeds back to generate orders or initiate drop ships and the uplift available from cross border trader – It was all good stuff.

There’s some further good news which hopefully we’ll be able to announce over the coming months. eSellerPro are intending to set up some “eBay University” type educational events to share their wealth of experience in selling on marketplaces. They may well be available to everyone, not just eSellerPro customers so watch this space. If the content is half as good as the three events held this week they’ll be well worth attending.

Practical advice with predictable increases to business and measurable results. If you’re going to attend an event you really couldn’t ask for much more. I’m looking forward to their next events and will definitely be putting my name down to attend.

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