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By Chris Dawson September 13, 2013 - 6:43 am

eBay Tony is back with a vengeance, there’s hardly a page on eBay today that he’s not been lurking.

eBay TonyWe wanted to find out more and we managed to track Tony down. He’s a real guy and works for eBay over in Ireland in eBay customer support and has worked for both seller protection and buyer protection. We managed to persuade him into a quick photo shoot between phone calls.

So apart from being the face of trust and safety, why are we seeing Tony all over eBay? Well if you check the messaging there’s a clue in there. “eBay Buyer Protection” is being phased out in favour of the “eBay Money Back Guarantee”. eBay will gradually introduce more retail like terminology such “14 Days Refund” and “Returns Accepted”.

Protection eBay Money Back GuaranteeeBay Tony Money Back GuaranteeOne of the reasons for the change is “Buyer Protection” is quite frankly a bit negative. It implies that we sellers are a dodgy crowd that buyers need protecting from. The vast majority of sellers give fantastic service and that’s what eBay say they want to highlight.

eBay Money Back GuaranteeThere are no changes to the actual processes and standards but eBay’s research suggests that buyers are still wary and don’t know that they’ve covered with 14 day returns and no quibble refunds from business sellers. This puts them off, especially when thinking about buying high ticket items.

Think back, what’s the most expensive item you’ve purchased on eBay? £100? £500? £1000, £5000? How high would you go? Tony’s there to encourage you (or more importantly encourage your customers) not to think twice but to just go ahead and purchase knowing that you’re covered. If you do ever have to ring eBay support you never know, it might just turn out to be Tony on the end of the phone.

  • 8 years ago

    Great stuff.

    This kind of approach has worked wonders for the likes of John Lewis etc

  • Stuart
    8 years ago

    Looks good but I wonder for sellers of small ticket items like us if it will increase items ‘not arriving’ as they know they will get their money back.

  • admiralhardinge
    8 years ago

    Fortunately most buyers are as honest as the sellers, and it is good to have a professional approach. What is more concerning is that ebay say they will be issuing a standard returns policy which will be compulsory. The free text element will be removed from the site. This is problematic. Already you have to select either buyer or seller pays, but I use the free text to let my customer know if there is a fault it is a no quibble return/refund at my cost, but if they simply change their mind they must cover postage. In other words who pays depends on the issue. Incidentally many returns are not worthwhile for either buyer or seller because of the astronomical over the counter packet prices now charged by Royal Mail.

    According to e-Commerce bytes participaton in ebay’s Managed Returns policy is moving to compulsory participation in the USA. This would be an issue in the UK. Collect Plus have very poor coverage compared with either Royal Mail or MyHermes(also not good in some parts) and in any case sellers may well be already operating a more cost effective returns process.

  • northumbrian
    8 years ago

    we recently had a buyer claim an item not as described, opened a case demanding a 40%partial refund, leaving and instant neutral they,quite clear in stating via ebay messages ,they would change it to positive when the refund was made, we of course refused and insisted they return the item for a full refund, the buyer escalated the case weeks later, ebay refunded their payment from their own pocket and allowed them to keep the item?


    • A+
      8 years ago

      The best thing to do if something like this happens is not to reply to the customer but contact ebay directly to report feedback extortion. Ebay delete the feedback and you don’t have to refund the customer. You can then block the customer. You win.

    • northumbrian
      8 years ago

      we did not refund the customer ebay did out of their own pocket, it cost us nothing other than a neutral, time and exasperation we did report the customer?
      we contacted ebay “top customer support”[sic]
      the neutral to positive feedback message is even in the resolution process message,
      it very much depends on who you get and often even what gender they are on the outcome of a request to ebay support there via no consistency

    • yagigroup2009
      8 years ago

      Exactly the same thing happened to us, we offered a full refund on return rather than give in to what we see as blackmail, we never received item but Ebay still give the buyer a full refund from their own pocket.

    • northumbrian
      8 years ago

      I received an empty box stunt has been pulled on us twice now , this cost us! not ebay, seems all a buyer needs to do is claim that the box was empty on arrival and your stuffed! ebay find in their favour

  • Joe
    8 years ago

    I spoke to a Tony in Dublin CS a couple of months ago and he was abrupt, kept talking over me and shouting me down and was most unhelpful.

    I realise there may be more than one Tony, but if this is the guy, he needs training in basic customer service skills if he’s being presented as the face of eBay.

    • 8 years ago

      There are hundreds of CS staff over in Dublin. And I imagine a great many Tonys.

    • northumbrian
      8 years ago

      not to mention the herberts

    • mw
      8 years ago

      That will explain the massive fees they charge for doing nothing. If there are loads of staff, then why is Live Chat so slow?

  • Richard
    8 years ago

    I wonder if Tony would be looking so cheerful if it was his money that ebay were promising to refund on any buyer’s whim?

    It just puts the idea that something will go wrong in the buyer’s head before they’ve even bought anything.

    Most people can read feedback. Is that not powerful enough?

    • northumbrian
      8 years ago

      as a full time seller I think this is a really good idea by ebay, buyer confidence is imperative, we only wish ebay would actually limit buyers who abuse the system rather than give the guff and promises to sellers ,
      does anyone know of ,or has any evidence of a buyer
      being meaningfully sanctioned by ebay?
      other than some pathetic restriction that is easily worked round by registering another ID

  • northumbrian
    8 years ago

    what is worrying Tony is sitting at his Desk with the Paypal log in page ready and Waiting for the refund Lol

  • davelovesebay
    8 years ago

    I think the growths gone out of ebay. Auctions tend to end at stupidly low prices now. Some the price customers demand are unsustainable if you ask me.

    Tony is here to do what ?

    Get you a refund on your 2.99 + Free delivery PU Iphone case that split after 40 days…

    thanks tony !

    I thought it would be much better quality !

    Like my mates 29.99 one he got from some posh shop in london. But this should of been the same quality cause everything on ebay is like 1000% off RRP. So i was clearly ripped off !

  • Pete M
    8 years ago

    Isn’t that a typo in the new add? Should it not read ‘We guarantee you get the item you ordered and your money back’. Nothing new then.

  • Rich
    8 years ago

    The problem for me is that some buyers read this literally, ie, money back guarantee.!
    Is already costing me money. I wanted to launch a free post range for a tenner which means a much reduced profit margin. Not sure I can do this with so much fraud around.
    Unintended Consequences.

  • Gerry007
    8 years ago

    Re; ‘eBay Money Back Guarantee protects you in case you do not receive your item or if the item is not as described in the listing. If this happens, you need to tell your seller within 45 days’.

    We seem to be getting a few of these ‘extended period’ claims lately….

    Frankly 45 days ‘after dispatch email’ is simple to long for INR claims. Just to long after dispatch to check anything…..SNAD claims should be notified on receipt.

  • northumbrian
    8 years ago

    dont kid yourself that 45 days is set in stone we have had inr claims via ebay 50 days plus ,
    we have even had closed cases reopened

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