eBay Mobile app gets “Buy Another” button

By Chris Dawson September 17, 2013 - 10:04 am

eBay Mobile Buy AnothereBay have just updated the eBay Android Mobile App (and presumably other versions too. The stated improvements are:

  • Search now uses location to provide more relevant results for worldwide users
  • Better results when scanning barcodes for searching and selling
  • Item view improvements make it easier to find the information you need and quickly see important actions
  • Easily “beam” an item to a friend by simply holding your NFC-enabled phones together
  • Update, edit or add a shipping address directly from your profile or in checkout

“Buy Another” Button

However there’s one thing that I’ve been complaining about that I’m thrilled to see has been added, and that’s the addition of the “Buy Another” button.

Previously the only option was to find similar items and that led back to a generic eBay keyword search. Often that’s not what I wanted. If I’d purchased and item and was happy with it and wanted to buy more I’d want to buy them from the same seller from the same listing at the same price. I wouldn’t really care how many other sellers on eBay have similar products, I’d already know exactly what I want and who I want to buy it from.

The eBay Mobile app is fantastic in so many ways, but it’s a constant frustration that some basic things are missing. As an example have you ever tried to contact a seller that you’ve already purchased from or figured out how to initiate a return on eBay mobile (I know I haven’t!). It would also be great to be able to leave feedback in bulk rather than having to click through to each individual item one at a time.

However credit where credit’s due, having a “Buy Another” button makes so much sense and is a great start at adding more functionality to the eBay Mobile app. Buyers will be happy as they can at last make an easy repeat purchase and for sellers it should encourage more buyer loyalty as they can buy from you again.

  • Mark
    4 years ago

    The app needs to do MLVS a lot better !

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