ChannelAdvisor head to China

By Chris Dawson September 27, 2013 - 9:28 am

ChannelAdvisor have extended their range announcing support for Tesco marketplace in the UK, Best Buy in the US and Amazon in Japan and in China in their 2013 Autumn Release. The ChannelAdvisor solution has also gone multi-lingual and is now available in French, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese as well of course as in English.

ChannelAdvisor’s Autumn Release also capitalises on the growing importance of mobile as a research and commerce channel, now offering a set of features to understand, manage and automate Google Enhanced Campaign performance across devices.

To further help customers grow and optimise online sales, ChannelAdvisor also introduced Actionable Retail Insights for Amazon, eBay, Google and Bing. With Actionable Retail Insights, ChannelAdvisor’s platform offers relevant recommendations designed to help retailers bolster business. These recommendations come with specific actions that retailers can take to improve offers, price and more.

What I find interesting about ChannelAdisor’s 2013 Autumn Release isn’t that they support a few more marketplaces – Tesco in the UK for instance is an invitation only marketplace so (unless Tesco come calling) it’s of no relevance to most sellers. What is interesting is the support for Amazon in the Far East in conjunction with the ChannelAdvisor solution being available in Chinese. ChannelAdvisor may be the first Western multi-channel management solution to be going after the fast growing lucrative Chinese market.

If they can become the default solution for Chinese merchants then they should be able to expand massively and potentially double the number of retailers they work with and have little competition from competitors – something their new shareholders will doubtless approve of.

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