Ahoy there sailor!

By Chris Dawson September 4, 2013 - 6:32 am

Paul Nieliwoca reckon that they’re pretty intrepid guys up for a challenge, which is why they’ve decided to sponsor a pretty intrepid guy taking on the challenge of a race across the Atlantic as part of the Round the World Clipper Race.

The fleet of twelve 70-ft ocean racing yachts set off to parade down the Thames last Sunday and won’t be returning until July next year, by which time they’ll have circumnavigated the globe. On board one of the yachts is Paul Niel who iwoca are sponsoring. It’s no surprise, being as iwoca are all banking professionals, that Paul’s boat is ‘Switzerland’.

All twelve yachts have set off down the English Channel, are currently south of the Isle of Wight and are heading for Brest, before crossing the Atlantic heading for Rio in Brazil. It’s a massive challenge as although each clipper has a professional skipper, the crews are made up of ordinary people who’ve chosen to to extraordinary things.

We wish Paul a safe passage across the Atlantic and hopefully one day he’ll be making an appearance at an iwoca meetup to tell us about his voyage.

  • Darren
    4 years ago

    Respect going out to you. I wish I could find an idea where people pay me to do something I love. Good luck to you bud

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