UK’s top 20 eBay mobile shopping locations

By Chris Dawson August 22, 2013 - 9:47 am

eBay have plotted the top twenty locations where Brits are shopping with their mobile and has revealed Birmingham as the UK’s number one destination. Following Birmingham in pole position, the remaining top five locations are South London, Sheffield, Nottingham and Belfast.

Olivier Ropars from eBay commented: “Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important part in our everyday lives – they are always on, always with us and changing everything, including how we shop and pay. Today’s research shows the mobile opportunity for retailers is huge as shoppers across the country are embracing mobile shopping. Shoppers want convenience, speed and choice – they want to shop anytime, anywhere, on any device and retailers have to respond to how they are shopping”.

Of course it’s no surprise looking at eBay’s infographic that mobile is least heavily used in Scotland, Wales and the West Country. As I discovered last week, the people that live in those areas simply don’t have a mobile phone signal most of the time as well as having a lower density of population. However it was a surprise that not a single Scottish city appeared in the top 20.

(eBay got Portsmouth in the wrong place and quickly sent a revised version over…. but so as not to make comments meaningless we’ve rotated both images)


  • DBL
    6 years ago

    Nottingham/Leicester/Derby was called the eBay triangle years ago due to the amount of buying & selling activity there. No surprise that the Midlands is again a hive of activity for mobile sales.

  • Ross
    6 years ago

    Has anyone traced the lady who’s handbag is sold every 30 seconds? She must get driven mad 😉

    • 6 years ago

      Not as mad as going to bed in Hampshire and waking up to find she’s in Devon 😀

  • Robert C
    6 years ago

    Why does portsmouth dash from portsmouth to plymouth and back again?

  • 6 years ago

    As per last sentence in the article above eBay got it wrong and sent it over with an error and we didn’t want to make comments meaningless by just posting the correct version

    • Robert C
      6 years ago

      Woops, sorry, this shows I just look at pretty pictures with infographics and don’t bother reading articles 🙂

  • paddy
    6 years ago

    Seems a bit odd that there is no place in Scotland mentioned!

  • Cambridge_Blue
    6 years ago

    I am still puzzled by this infographic.
    There has been a lot of debate among online sellers as to the degree to which people actually ‘purchase’ using a mobile device.
    Buyers may place the initial order on eBay but do they carry through to payment via the Paypal site on their mobile for example?
    Lot of evidence that many buyers do not and actually confirm and pay on a more trusted medium later.
    Interesting to see the buyer process on eBay by each stage of the purchase to confirm how mobile devices are actually being used here.
    Other online retailers are not seeing this level via mobile so perhaps eBay really are ahead of the game this time.

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