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By Chris Dawson August 12, 2013 - 6:35 am

Froo Template ThemesEveryone I know that’s tried listing via eBay’s mobile app appears to agree that it’s easier then the Sell Your Item form, it’s easier than TurboLister and it’s easier than any other third party app.

Sure the eBay Mobile App isn’t the tool for you if you’ve hundreds of listings to do, but if you’re selling unique one off items then the ability to fill in the title, category and item specifics on the same device that you’re taking the photographs with makes listings a breeze.

Once you have the listing basics done you have two choices – complete the listing by typing the description on your smartphone within the eBay app, or save it in the eBay app as a draft and then complete the listing on your traditional computer with a full sized keyboard.

Either way leaves you with a great listing, and now with eBay’s free 12 gallery images, plenty of pictures, but are you happy with a text only description?

Frooition’s Template Themes from Froo Apps might be the solution. You can list entirely with the eBay app on your smartphone and Froo Apps will take your basic text description and apply a theme around it. Not only that but they’ll pick up all of the gallery images you shot with your smartphone and embed them in the template with enlarge and zoom capabilities.

In the past many eBay sellers used to embed images in their descriptions because it was cheaper than paying eBay for additional gallery images. That meant if you were using Froo Template Themes you’d only get a single image for free in your description. Now you can not only make use of the 12 free gallery images from eBay but have them automatically embedded in your description when applying your Froo Apps theme.

As well as a smart looking template to which you can add your own logo, you can also automatically Cross-Promote additional items from your other eBay listings if you choose to.

There are over 5700 themes to choose from so there’s sure to be one that you like. There’s also a 30 day free trial of Froo Apps Template Themes (no payment details needed), but if you decide to carry on using the templates after your trial it’s only a tiny £2.50 per month cost.

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