Stock the manufacturer didn’t want you to have

By Chris Dawson August 1, 2013 - 10:01 am

Top SecretI was chatting to Rachel, the Business Development Manager for the Boffer wholesale daily deal site, the other day and something she brought up sparked my interest.

Rachel told me that Boffer often has bankrupt stock deals with a stunning price, but due to various reasons they cannot put the stock as the main deal on Boffer. The reasons can range from they don’t have enough of a particular line, to the fact that certain manufacturers don’t want their wholesale channel disrupted with cheap wholesale prices on the market.

We know that readers are always looking for sources of stock and inventory that’s not easy for everyone to find and stock at rock bottom prices sounds good, so I decided to make a cheeky suggestion which was; why don’t Boffer offer these deals exclusively to Tamebay readers? After a bit of convincing Rachel is willing to give it a try and she will exclusively make those deals available to Tamebay readers!!

She is going to list these deals in a password protected area of the site and will give Tamebay readers exclusive access to it once a month. To take advantage of these deals sign up for Boffer Secret Shopper, and Boffer will send you a text before they go live. Judging by some of the deals they have had on Boffer this could be a big profit opportunity. Sign up to get exclusive access when the first deal goes live.

  • Lee Pearce
    4 years ago

    A manufacturer of a premium product range that we sell decided to offload a lot of stock to TK Max a couple of years ago and they were inundated by complaints from Retailers, mainly due to why they were not offered this end of line product before it was offloaded.

    The manufacturer is notoriously known for not giving discount to retailers, hence why it holds its retail price, but I was able to pop to TK Max and get it cheaper at the till than I was able to buy direct from the manufacturer.

    They have not done it since and we now get access to “Clearance Lists” so the complaints seemed to work.


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