Post Office Drop & Go 20% September discount

By Chris Dawson August 29, 2013 - 9:50 am

Post Office Drop and Go hmFrom the 2nd of September to the 15th September Drop & Go customers will receive a 20% discount on their medium parcels up to 2kg and small parcels between 1-2kg.

With the discount, Drop & Go customers will be able to send a Second Class medium parcel up to 1kg for just £4.16 – a saving of £1.04 on the standard price of £5.20. There will be a £1.13 discount on First Class medium parcels up to 1kg – with the price falling from £5.65 to £4.52.

Drop & Go is now available in over 97% of Post Office branches – over 11,000 branches across the whole of the UK. If you’re already a Drop & Go customer you’re going to be quids in with two weeks of savings. If you’re not a Drop & Go customer but currently use the Post Office to despatch your parcels then we’d highly recommend you sign up for Drop & Go pronto to access the 20% savings.

Don’t forget that Drop & Go also have a current promotion giving a £12 credit for shipping a Parcelforce parcel which runs until the 2nd of September.

  • Toadlady
    4 years ago

    I used it for a while before I managed to get OBA. But TBH I still had to queue half the time as if they were busy I got told they couldn’t guarantee processing my parcels in time for last collection if I just left them!

    Plus, always had to queue to top up the card and wait for previous day’s receipt to be handed over. Time saved just wasn’t worth it.

    Filling out the stupid forms with so few lines took forever as well.

    The saving for just 2 weeks will help some people, but I wonder how many will stick with it once the price goes back to normal.

    Anyone with enough volume to make this system any help could most likely get OBA now.

    I wonder who is actually funding this Royal Mail or PO? or is it a joint thing to try and claw back some business for POs?

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