Free 3 month Storefeeder trial for Featured and Anchor eBay Shops

By Dan Wilson August 12, 2013 - 3:01 pm

The perks and benefits of the various levels of eBay Shop are many and various. Depending on what you sell, how many you sell and where you sell it to, an eBay Shop can be a real boon for even quite small sellers.

You just need to do the maths: particularly if you’re selling abroad, it’s not hard to justify the subscriptions to qualify for lower listing fees.

And now there’s a new perk for Featured and Anchor Shops owners. eBay have struck a deal and if you’re signed up to those Shop levels you can now enjoy a free 3 month trial with Storefeeder – the multi-channel ecommerce management solution. For more details find out more here on the Storefeeder website.

It’s encouraging to see that eBay is working with the various suppliers and businesses that form part of the wider eBay ecosystem for the benefit of sellers and we hope to see more of the same in the months to come.

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