eBay’s Doctor Who Peter Capaldi boost: what’s selling best?

By Dan Wilson August 19, 2013 - 7:44 am

I know that you’re all rapt with the news that Doctor Who sales have soared since the announcement two weeks ago that Peter Capaldi will be taking over from Matt Smith and taking the role of the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor.

Thoughtfully eBay have provided me with a slab of additional information on what’s been driving the significant growth in sales. These numbers are interesting in themselves but are also a useful reminder that manifold outside influences affect eBay sales and that’s true across just about all verticals.

  • DVD box sets – in the two weeks since the announcement of the new Doctor, sales have shot up by 183%
  • Posters – sales of posters tripled overnight when the new Doctor Who was announced
  • Action figurines e.g. Dalek, Tardis, Doctor – sales have rocketed by 120% since the announcement
  • Tardis mugs – increased by 85% in the last month
  • Torchwood DVD box sets – spin-off show Torchwood have also seen sales rise by 20% in the past two weeks

Interesting to note that the highest selling item of the past year was a ‘Dr Who Sevans Farthshock Full Size Cyberman Prop ‘ that sold for £3,100.

  • Pete
    4 years ago

    Sadly, not sold a Doctor Who postcard for weeks …. still waiting for a boost.

    That said, with RM threatening nasty things on the LL rate (not VAT) I’m looking to sell other items.

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