eBay Electronics Fees raised 60% in September

By Chris Dawson August 1, 2013 - 4:22 pm

Consumer ElectronicsAre you selling in the electronics categories on eBay UK? If so are you aware that as well as paying final value fees on postage, you may also be facing a 3% hike in your total final value fees from the 4th of September?

Currently eBay’s fee schedule lists “Tech” (Computers/Tablets & Networking, GPS, Mobile Phones & Communication, Photography, Sound & Vision, Video Games & Consoles: Consoles) as attracting a 5% final fee. Hidden away in the seller release eBay have announced the good news that Consumer Electronics final value fees will remain at 5% and have the addition of a £10 cap. That means any product that sells for £200 or more will only attract a fee of £10, below a £200 sale price it’ll be 5%.

What you may not have noticed is that eBay have split out “all other Electronics” which currently has the 5% final value fee but for “all other Electronics” the final value fee is set to rise to 8%. In real terms that’s a 60% price increase over the old fees so you really need to check your numbers.

If you’re selling items like TVs. computers and laptops, printers or iPads you’re going to be ok as your final value fee will remain at 5% (with the added benefit of the £10 cap). If however you’re selling a wall mount for a TV, a monitor for a computer, a USB cable for a printer or a charger for an iPad than your fees are set to rise.

As well as Electronics fees rising to 8% there also isn’t a fee cap in the Electronics categories so it’s 8% of the sale price no matter how high, plus 8% of the postage and packing charge.

On the plus side (there always appear to be winners and losers in eBay changes), some categories from Home, Furniture & DIY, Media, and Parts and Accessories are now classed as consumer electronics. That means if for example you sell power tools your fees will drop from the current 10% down to 5% with a £10 fee cap.

Check the categories you list in and make sure your margins and sale prices allow for the impending fee increase. We’ve listed the categories in the table below which in future will be classed as “Consumer Electronics”. If your selling category isn’t listed then I’m afraid your fees are rising to 8% (plus 8% on P&P).

Consumer Electronics Categories on eBay

Final Value Fees 5% capped at £10

All Electronics categories not listed attract final value fees of 8% upcapped

Appliances (#20710) Camcorders (#11724) Consoles (#139971)
Desktops & All-in-ones (#171957) Digital Cameras (#31388) Drives, Storage & Blank Media (#165)
DVD, Blu-ray & Home Cinema (#32852) GPS & Sat Nav (#139835) Headphones (#112529)
Home Audio & HiFi Separates (#14969) Home Phones & Accessories (#3286) iPads/ Tablets & eBook Readers (#171485)
iPods & MP3 Players (#73839) Laptops & Netbooks (#175672) Lenses & Filters (#78997)
Mobile & Smart Phones (#9355) Power Tools (#3247) Power Tools & Equipment (#30900)
Printers, Scanners & Supplies (#171961) Software (#18793) Televisions (#11071)
TV Reception & Set-Top Boxes (#15069) Wireless Routers (#44995)
  • Kev
    4 years ago

    Hi, Do you have a link to this info – I’ve been searching ebay but can’t seen to find it. I sell in the Sound & Vision > Performance & DJ Equipment so it would appear it affects me 🙁 Kev.

    • 4 years ago

      Sure thing – it’s all hidden away on the Seller Release Fee change page

      Check the table which shows the fees (carefully!) and then check the very last FAQ at the bottom of the page 🙁

    • Kev
      4 years ago


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