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By Chris Dawson August 8, 2013 - 5:09 pm

NewspaperDo you ever think about PR for your small business? It might sound like an impossible dream to get national press coverage for your business but many over the years have achieved it. Whilst national coverage might be difficult to achieve in today’s social media world you can get almost as much attention on Twitter and Facebook.

One of the best ways to grab some attention is to get to know the journalists covering small business in the media. Big businesses may have the money to go down the PR route, but you can do it yourself and Enterprise Nation have published a handy list of small business journalists that you can follow today on Twitter.

If you follow all of the TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine and online journalists on the list then they may follow you back, they may read your tweets and if something catches their eye they may retweet it to their thousands of followers.

Dan and I were chuffed to see our names on the list, but hopefully you already follow Tamebay and know that we love a good story about ecommerce. Most of what we write tends to find it’s way onto Google News, giving valuable back links to the businesses we write about. If you want to know the type of story that gets our attention there are a couple of recent examples already published.

Don’t stick to Tamebay though, check out Enterprise Nation’s list of journalists to follow on twitter. Follow them, retweet their tweets that you find interesting and tweet replies to them. Also start tweeting news that could attract their attention and get you could get a ton of traffic from a single retweet if they find what you have to say interesting.

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