Amazon launches art marketplace

By Dan Wilson August 21, 2013 - 6:44 am

Amazon Art

Amazon has launched an online marketplace for artworks with big ticket items by Warhol and Norman Rockwell featured on the site getting most attention, but dig a little deeper and there’s real potential for less famous artists.

Predictably, there has been a great deal of guffawing at the site from the higher end of the market. Some dealers say that for very pricey works of art, collectors simply won’t buy from a website or Amazon and prefer the more visceral, classy experience of a gallery or reputable auctioneer. I can see their point.

Yet there’s plenty more to the art market than pieces worth big wedge, as sites like Etsy show. Amateur artists might find Amazon Art a useful outlet.

It never really pays to underestimate Amazon or indeed ecommerce in general. It’s not so many years since I recall people ridiculing me at trade shows at the idea of anyone selling antiques online (Ahh, god bless 1999) and as for Amazon, it has shown itself to be a force to be reckoned with.

Those fusty old art dealers should remember the book shops who are now really suffering under Amazon’s cosh.

  • Darren
    4 years ago

    Just amazing. Amazon just get things right first time.

  • Michael
    4 years ago

    Amazon is a bit of a mystery to me, they make a loss yet seems to strive for a monopoly position in every sector. I can only assume that either (1) they are a bubble that will burst – or (2) they will – at some point – leverage that monopoly power.

    Whatever sector you trade in, Amazon are coming for you, idc.

  • Tanyuu
    4 years ago

    Unfortunately, according to an email I received from Amazon, you have to have your work sold through an approved gallery, which is not an option for many artists.

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