£12 Post Office Drop & Go Parcelforce Credit

By Chris Dawson August 28, 2013 - 8:23 am

Post Office Drop and GoThe Post Office are running an exclusive Drop & Go promotion, in partnership with Parcelforce Worldwide. Sign up to Drop & Go – the free fast-track mail service at the Post Office, and they’ll give you a £12 voucher to top-up your Drop & Go account when you send your first Parcelforce Worldwide item.

You need to complete a webform with your Parcelforce tracking number and your Drop & Go account number details and it’s as simple as that. You’ll get your £12 voucher via email, within 28 days, which be used to credit your Drop & Go account.

Parcelforce Worldwide services include any Parcelforce Worldwide express product for UK parcels, or any Parcelforce Worldwide express, priority, globalvalue or globaleconomy for international parcels.

Of course we know that over the counter Parcelforce prices aren’t the most attractive, if it’s an eBay sale we’d probably recommend using eBay Postage Labels which offer £13.99 for Parcelforce24 and £11.99 for Parcelforce48. However even paying Post Office rack rates, the £12 credit will get you a better price for a one off parcel.

There are plenty of courier consolidators who also offer discounted services and of course if you’re going to be sending parcels via a courier regularly you should open a courier account with Parcelforce or an alternative courier. However if you generally only have lightweight items to send and have need of a one-off courier delivery then this Drop & Go promotion could be just the ticket.

  • Ross
    4 years ago

    I don’t need to use “Drop & Go” but I can see it having problems. The only time I ever left Post Office staff to price up a few parcels was when they had a fault with their system, it’s also the only time I ever had a surcharge for postage as they put the wrong amounts on.

    I think Drop & Go relies too much on trusting people you don’t employ with one of the most important parts of an online sales business. For Ebay sellers, it could be their one mistake that ends up with a low DSR that loses discounts TRS, etc. Are Post Office staff reliable enough to give an infallible service?

    • Mark Townsend
      4 years ago

      Yes, it is about the seller/PO Staff relationship.

      I put the expected price on my manifests (I have created an online printable version) and I have a great relationship with the village PO for whom I am the only DnG account.

      Superb service!

    • Ross
      4 years ago

      Probably an occasion where a small local Pot Office is a good thing. The Post Office I use is a large city centre one.
      The staff are mostly great but they do have one or two not so good. My fear would be that they would put the less able staff members in charge of pricing up Drop&Go post.

  • Mark Townsend
    4 years ago

    I never send parcels but, by chance, one day last week I did and used this offer.

    I paid up front (from my DnG account) and a few days later I was sent a barcode to print and take to the PO.

    When I handed in the PO, they handed me £12… in cash!

    • Gerry007
      4 years ago

      Loadsa Money…..!!¬

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