ChannelAdvisor: 10 Amazon Mistakes You’re Probably Making

By Dan Wilson August 16, 2013 - 7:04 am

Multi-channel gurus ChannelAdvisor are fast getting a great reputation for their ebooks. The free publications they’re producing concentrate on all manner of topics and areas for the burgeoning ecommerce seller. Digestible and free, their latest release is well worth checking out: 10 Amazon Mistakes You’re Probably Making.

The ebook considers these aspects:

  • What you shouldn’t overlook in seller feedback
  • Why weekend operations matter
  • How sharing listing data is beneficial
  • Discover which mistakes you’re making and how to fix them today!

A lot of eBay sellers are sometimes reticent to make the leap to Amazon, and that’s really understandable. But it can be the source of huge growth. This free download may alleviate some fears.

  • Bryan
    4 years ago

    Dan – What happened to the little socialist rant you placed on here a few days ago?

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