Why are eBay showing me Royal Baby merch?

By Chris Dawson July 25, 2013 - 6:12 pm

Royal Baby MugI’ve had no desire to search eBay and see just how many Royal Baby memorabilia items have appeared – I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands being added daily.

What I wasn’t expecting was for Royal Baby items to start appearing in my eBay Feed, but that’s where I’ve just seen a HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge mug adorned with images of William and Kate holding their first born.

I was a bit shocked to say the least – the eBay Feed is supposed to show me products I’m interested in, but it appears that all is well. It’s not eBay that’s at fault, but the seller who has accidentally mis-classified the Prince of Cambridge as a cat! The mug is in the Collectables > Animals > Cats > Mugs/ Cups category.

If you’re in the market for some there’s over 65,000 listings on eBay, including a load of keyword spamming for irrelevant items as well as some non Royal Baby products which are baby products in royal blue.

  • admiralhardinge
    4 years ago

    Misclassified – I’m not sure. If you had been born into this, wouldn’t you look like the cat that got the cream?

  • Jimbo
    4 years ago

    eBay has hooked in to your subconscious.

    • 4 years ago

      If it has it’s getting the wrong message 😀

  • northumbrian
    4 years ago

    just when I thought it was safe

    the dreaded attack of the royal heap of tat
    its about time the archbishop of whatsits tried to compete and put them out of business

  • Lee Pearce
    4 years ago

    Just taken delivery of my 3rd tranche of Royal Baby commemorative mugs as we have sold out of the first 2.

    Would I only stock items I would have in my house – No, it would be a vary bare shop.

    Would I fill my stock rooms of stuff people do not want – Try Not to.

    Happy for this peak in sales in an otherwise flat couple of months.

    May need to order some more as 20% of todays delivery has already been sold.


  • james
    4 years ago

    it all depends how you view “what you should be interested in”, some would say that being a british citizen, located in britain, you should be interested in the birth of our future monarch; interested enough in fact to spend your hard earned cash on a mug to commemorate it. I’m not one of they people, it looks like eBay are just hoping to cash in on the hype.

  • Mark
    4 years ago

    eBay is not advertising royal baby products in my feed, however it does seem to think that I want a cat flap. I do not have a cat and therefore have no need for this, or any other cat related products.

    What I don’t understand is why they advertise products that you have already bought, I bought a keyboard about a year ago and it is advertising them to me, I have no need of another one.

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