Seller Release – Housekeeping changes

By Chris Dawson July 30, 2013 - 10:33 am

Buy It Now Immediate Payment

eBay is extending tests for Immediate Payment for fixed price items. Buyers taking part in the test will no longer see the “Commit to Buy” page but will be taken straight to checkout and the item won’t be considered sold until paid for.

Category and Item Specific changes

eBay UK will be updating categories (to make it easier for buyers to shop, they say). This will happen on the 10th September and at the same time new items specifics will be added in some categories to align them with other EU country sites. This should make cross border selling easier.

New Feedback Protection

eBay are bumping up feedback protection for sellers and expanding and clarifying the specific case when they may remove buyer feedback.

eBay Buyer Protection Refunds

eBay occasionally decide to refund a buyer even if you didn’t/didn’t want to. Sometimes eBay foot the bill, sometimes they expect you to (It should be a very rare occurrence where a seller doesn’t resolve a case and it’s escalated to eBay!)

To enable them to dock the mony from your seller invoice eBay will ask seller with older account to accept an updated billing agreement in the listing flow in mid-August.

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