Neteven integrates with Magento

By Dan Wilson July 22, 2013 - 11:34 am

Online marketplace solution Neteven has announced it will partner and integrate with Magento to enable ecommerce merchants opportunities to expand into international markets.

Neteven has been accredited as a Magento Industry Partner at level silver and full integration is already available for free at Magento Connect.

A suite of functionality will be be available including: full inventory synchronization on a real time basis, a mapping console, personalized updates, an end of transaction connection, and a customized set up of the extension module. This module drives additional sales by integrating the marketplaces into the merchant’s online strategy.

“We are really proud of this partnership. It took our tech team and our agency partner, Soon, several months to create the most efficient marketplace module. It allows Magento Enterprise Edition merchants to easily access distribution on eBay without any technical skills. The full sales cycle on the marketplace can be managed from Magento solution admin panels through the Neteven technology,” says Greg Zemor, CEO of Neteven.

  • 4 years ago

    I hope this will bring e-commerce in Magento to the next level, atleast we wont have to set up Ebay aside from Magento but we can start using both at once.

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