Free listings for the 13th and 14th of July

By Chris Dawson July 5, 2013 - 11:35 am

listing promo
There’s another free listing weekend coming up, but it’s not this weekend – it’s next weekend! Thanks to Tamebay reader Jem for the heads up!

On Saturday the 13th of July 2013 and Sunday the 14th of July private sellers will be able to list up to 100 items with free insertion fees.

Normal rules – a start price of £1 or higher (less than that is in your normal free allowance of 100 free listings a month). No professional sellers, no pro listing tools, auctions only and your account must be in good standing to qualify for the free listings.

Cars, property and duplicate listings are as always not included. However you’ve got a week to get your listings ready so get those drafts stored up on eBay ready to go live next weekend.

Full are available on eBay.

  • radroach
    5 years ago

    The offer this weekend (6th & 7th) is 200 zero insertion fee listings but “by invitation only”, and bulk listing tools can now be used. Still private sellers only though.

  • 5 years ago

    When something is “Invitation Only”. I always wonder what you have to do to get invited? I suppose that there has to be a “qualification”. After all its for Private Sellers. So a Lady who just advertises her childrens old clothes and toys is unlikely to be regular enough or indeed to have 200 items ready for listing.

  • Toadlady
    5 years ago

    I don’t understand why they exclude using TL etc. on these now there is a limit on numbers anyway.
    Simply puts me off bothering, SYI form is just too tedious.

    • radroach
      5 years ago

      Yes, allowing the use of bulk listing tools was indeed an interesting feature of this particular offer. As you say, now that the number of listings is limited, it makes no sense to slow down the listing process for private sellers on these occasions.

      I wonder where eBay are going with this?

    • Toadlady
      5 years ago

      I’m hoping that ‘invitation only’ one (which I didn’t get on any of my IDs) was a trial and they will expand option to use listing tools to all free listing weekends.

  • radroach
    5 years ago

    Latest promo to be announced is half price fixed price insertion fees for invited business sellers from 15th to 19th of July.

    • JD
      5 years ago

      There is a ‘sting’ in what’s excluded:

      •Good ‘til Cancelled listings that automatically renew during the promotional period will not be eligible for the promotion.

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