Flubit tech improvements: mobile app, bookmarklet and more

By Dan Wilson July 22, 2013 - 5:40 pm

It looks like the team over at Flubit have been busy over the past few months with tech developments. Here’s a quick round up.

Flubit have sorted out a selection of developments to drive demand on the site. Firstly, they have launched a bookmarklet feature that sits in your browser header and that means you can make your demands easily as you surf the web and add them to your list of wants. The Flubit mobile app has also been totally overhauled so it works much better than before on smartphones and tablets.

To assist with all the additional demands you’ll make using the bookmarklet, there’s also more flexibility offered in managing your demands. You can now archive demands for future revival and Flubit have introduced a queuing system.

And good news for avid Facebook users who have been spreading the word about Flubit to their friends. A new system of referral points is now available. The points can be used to speed up your offer waiting time.

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