Ezbob look for Shopify beta testers

By Chris Dawson July 9, 2013 - 9:54 am

Having just added a connector for, Ezbob are now working on linking up Shopify with which they hope start providing funding to our customers based on their Shopify business data

Having recently connected their system to Shopify’s API, Ezbob are looking for help to beta test their new data connection. As a gesture for you time they’re offering to £100 for assisting with the testing and all you need to do is login into your EZBOB account and then in the ‘Accounts’ section add your Shopify account.

We hear that Ezbob are continuing to connect to additional data sources including the seven leading UK Banks. The more data sources that they connect to the more information that they can see about your business and the higher the loan amount they are able to extend.

I remember the days of working in IT sales where the credit control department were loving called the “Sales Prevention Team”. If you knew the game the credit controllers were more than happy to talk to you and the best ones always viewed their job, not to rubber stamp the easy sales, but to find a way to justify lending for the less than optimal deals. If you could give them more background on the deal, such as evidence of when the end user was likely to pay, they were more than happy to work with you to extend credit terms.

The big question of course is why aren’t the banks acting the same way as credit controllers to extend credit to small businesses? No matter how much the government say that they’re cajoling the banks to make small business finance available, it appears it’s the specialist ecommerce savvy lenders who are showing the way in how to assess credit worthiness.

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