Dr Who Matt Smith’s car for sale on eBay

By Chris Dawson July 11, 2013 - 8:56 am

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as Dr Who why not buy the Timelord’s transporter?

Dr Who's CorsaNo not the Tardis. Up for sale on eBay is , a silver Vauxhall Corsa he has owned since he was 18.

Affectionately called “The Shed” by many of Matt’s friends, the Corsa which Matt has had since new has been involved in many of his most memorable journeys to and from university in Norwich and to the National Youth Theatre and even to some of the Dr Who locations.

The car has been donated for sale with eBay for Charity to support Starlight Children’s Foundation, Starlight brightens the lives of seriously and terminally ill children by granting their wishes. 100% of the profits will go to support the organisation in their work with children.

Matt Smith says “As my first ever car, it has seen lots of adventures, not to mention a fair few mishaps (hence the dents). I’ll be very sad to see it go but I understand my parents want their driveway back!” He did love that car too, even going so far as to discuss it on BBC’s Top Gear when he appeared as the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car.

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