Boffer Wholesale Sell-Off at 11.59 am today

By Chris Dawson July 26, 2013 - 7:03 am

Bofffer smFor those that have been using Boffer, today looks like being an interesting day. Instead of their normal daily wholesale deal format where there’s a large quantity of a single product, they’re having a Sell-Off.

During the Sell-Off they’ll be listing small quantities of wholesale deals. Sell-Off, products usually sell out quickly, and when one product sells out, it is replaced within a minute or two by a new product. I like this because if you decide to buy the entire quantity of a deal then you know you’re not going to face hundreds of competitors selling the same product on eBay tomorrow.

The BOTS (Boffer Bit On The Side) are also back, there will be 50 reverse auctions running where the price will continually drop until someone purchases the lot. Last week someone snagged the Apple iPad1 for £140.89 each (for a lot of 10). There was also a lot of 5 Acer Iconia 7″ Tablets which went for £238.42. These started dropping from £350.00 and we hear the same deal is up tomorrow so that should give you a guide price of when to jump in if you want to win that particular reverse auction.

SnickersFrom what we hear some of the products are fantastic. Some are not quite as exciting but will still have great resale margin potential, and others… well we hear the pile of crap might be back.

Keep an eye on the site all day though, with low quantities there will be new deals coming up all afternoon. The deals kick off at 11.59am on Boffer and the first deal will be for 144 bars of Snickers (what we used to call Marathons before the days of EU harmonisation) for £15.99.

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