Boffer pile of crap didn’t disappoint

By Chris Dawson July 3, 2013 - 11:05 am

We decided that having written about Boffer’s “Pile of Crap” daily deal that we’d secretly buy one just to see what turned up. We weren’t going to let Boffer know as we didn’t want any special treatment for Tamebay, so we just went ahead and purchased one and it duly turned up at my neighbours house.

In truth is that if I was starting out as a casual eBay business I could make some money here. The deal promised “One big box and approx one hundred crappy items” for £19.99. and Boffer didn’t disappoint. In truth there’s one item I’m secretly pleased with – the 4″ heavy duty spring clamps, however I didn’t really need 14 sets of two of them, just a couple would have done.

The rest of the haul… well I’ll let you decide for yourself, just bear two things in mind: Average item cost was just 20p but it was still a pile of crap.

If you want to buy your own pile of crap you’ll have to wait until the next time it comes up on Boffer. Today’s deal just gone live is for 300 assorted mobile phone cases for £20.99 so at least you’ll know what you’re getting.

  • fusion
    5 years ago

    Well you got better items than I did as most of the stuff seems to be retail packed rather an loose, although im not too disappointing with what I received.

    Have just sole 20 scoobie strings so on the way to making my money back.

    • 5 years ago

      Swap you bras, leg warmers and girls tankini bottoms for something you’ve got? 😀

    • fusion
      5 years ago

      I have a girls blazer and nurses uniform im looking to get rid and loads of plastic animals for the garden

  • 5 years ago

    Has anyone watched this video and immediately thought of the Generation Game?

  • 5 years ago

    Just watched the video.
    When will the next video be on of you wearing some of the gear.
    I can picture it now.
    Bra, winnie the pooh watch, leg warmers

    Now where will he put the clamps….

  • Jimbo
    5 years ago

    Looks like it would be more suited to a car booter. Maybe you could sell it as a job lot on eBay.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      5 years ago

      Spot on Jimbo – this stuff is for market stalls and car boot sales only.
      Factor in the time to list all this ‘crap’ and it simply is not worth the time for selling such varied, low value items online.

  • elvis
    5 years ago

    It’s 25p per item with the £4.99 postage. 30p per item if anyone is not vat registed

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