Amazon UK Unplanned Service Fees

By Chris Dawson July 9, 2013 - 10:55 am

Amazon Unplanned Service FeesFrom the 29th of August, Amazon will start charging Unplanned Service Fees.

Amazon say that they class unplanned services as when they receive units requiring Amazon to perform unanticipated activity. “Problems include” labelling, bagging, poly bagging, and taping to make products ready for storage and delivery.

If you already use FBA, then Amazon are display preparation errors that could result in unplanned activities in Seller Central. As part of this process Amazon’s Merchant Inbound Coaching has been renamed Inbound Performance Feedback. The Inbound Compliance Summary is now the Inbound Performance Summary and The Inbound Compliance Report is now the Inbound Performance Report.

Amazon do already provide an FBA Label Service, but if you don’t use it or if your products are incorrectly labelled then the unplanned service fees will be charged. The first time your labels aren’t up to scratch you’ll be charged the equivalent of the FBA Label Service – 15p per item, from then on you’ll be invoiced the full unplanned service fee of 30p per item.

Don’t forget that Amazon have already announced new FBA fees which come into effect on the 29th of August.

Many thank to Gemma of ElectricGemZ for the heads up on the new fees.

  • David Brackin
    5 years ago

    The slow squeeze starts?

    Wait until you have no warehouse and rely on FBA wholly and then you are theirs?

  • 5 years ago

    It is not surprising for Amazon to impose rules. We have already seen the impact of “Price Parity” policy on profitability.

    Look before you jump guys !

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