Worldpay launch new Zinc payment system

By Dan Wilson June 28, 2013 - 7:05 am

Is the world of online convenience payments finally hotting up? Worldpay have launched Zinc.

Think iZettle. (But I wonder if they are making any progress. They never call. They never write. They don’t return our calls.) What about Paypal Here? (They do seem to be slow off the mark too.) And now we have Zinc from Worldpay. As the kids say: “whatever.”

Zinc pricing looks pretty attractive. Everyone pays £59.99 for a handset but after that you can opt for a £12.99 “all you can eat” commission fee to cover transactions up to £1k. Full pricing deets here.

There is clearly a huge opportunity in the market. But have you heard of any of these services except on Tamebay? Are they reaching out to you? There seems to be a conspiracy of silence. Or a paralysis of underuse.

Find out all about Worldpay Zinc here.

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