Wimbledon tickets and SellerExpress offer

By Chris Dawson June 26, 2013 - 2:03 pm

Wimbledon Mens and Ladies Final TicketsWimbledon Tickets

Wimbledon is in full swing and as ever seats for the finals are the hottest. As is always the case , however this year it’s slightly different as the tickets are listed through eBay’s sister company Stubhub, not directly on eBay.

There’s the same controversy as the Olympics with complaints of empty corporate seats and people happy to spend out to watch the matches. The organisers played down complaints saying that supporters would naturally leave their seats to get refreshments at what is an all-day event.

SellerExpressSellerExpress Wimbledon 2 month 20% offer

Of course you can catch most of the action on the TV, although it’s not the same as being there in person but you might as well do some work at the same time. If that’s you then SellerExpress are offering a 20% discount to any new clients who trial their software during the Wimbledon fortnight.

John Hayes, a non-executive director at the Derry-based firm explains “During the summer months, things tend to slow down for many online retail businesses. This is the ideal time to start testing new systems and optimising you operation for Q3/Q4 when things take off in a big way“.

John believes the system is so easy to use – you could be listing products across several marketplaces in less time than it takes to watch a game of tennis (with or without a glass of Pimms to hand). Tamebay have also recently reviewed SellerExpress multichannel software and personally I reckon you could get to grips with it in a couple of hours and could definitely have it set up and running over a weekend (It feels very much like eBay’s TurboLister)

The 20% discount is available to all new SellerExpress trialists during the Wimbledon fortnight and will be discounted from the first two-months paid subscription and you can start your start your 15-day trial today.

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