Terapeak for launched today!

By Chris Dawson June 24, 2013 - 1:02 pm

Terapeak HomeWe’ve long been fans of Terapeak for eBay at Tamebay HQ and in great news today they are set to release Terapeak for

This break-through ecommerce market analytics solution is designed to provide visibility into the Amazon marketplace with the data displayed alongside the eBay analytics data that Terapeak users will be familiar with.

Terapeak for added to Terapeak for eBay

Terapeak Channel ComparisonThe power of Terapeak for is paired with the power of Terapeak for eBay, providing online merchants with market intelligence from two of the world’s largest marketplaces.

Best of all, Terapeak for is included as part of a regular Terapeak subscription. Subscribers receive access to Terapeak for eBay, Terapeak for and MySales at no additional cost!

Terapeak MySales for Magento

Terapeak already have a major expansion in April this year with the launch of MySales for Magento, enabling Magento sellers to automatically monitor their performance on eBay, as well as their own Magento stores in a single, dynamic view. With today’s addition of Terapeak for, retailers will have access to eBay and Amazon market insights, as well as the ability to see and compare their own sales data to market activity.

Terapeak for Amazon will enable online merchants to:

  • Research products in over 35 Amazon categories
  • View list price, offer price, sales rank and historical offers
  • See average, minimum and maximum prices of any product
  • Filter research by “Buy Box” to establish winning price points
  • Filter research by “FBA” to establish the market for Amazon Prime customers
  • Refine search by brand name or merchandise condition
  • Investigate any category regardless of the category they are selling in
  • Discover how and what to sell on multiple marketplaces without the need for a Professional Merchant account
  • Get an immediate market overview, including total offers and merchants in the market space
  • Eliminate app hopping by viewing all of their sales data in one place

Basically you’ll be able to discover which products are winning the Buy Box, filter to find out what difference FBA will make to your sale and compare sales data for eBay and in a single dashboard.

How to Take Advantage of Terapeak for

Terapeak offers a free seven-day trial of its full subscription package which includes Terapeak for eBay, Terapeak for Amazon, and Terapeak MySales on their website at
eBay Amazon Magento
Terapeak for eBay has long been a critical resource for online sellers. With Terapeak for now on offer as well, sellers that want to be competitive in any e-commerce market will increasingly find Terapeak to be an essential part of their operating strategy.

We’re looking forward for more Terepeak for Amazon features to be added in the future as well as support for Amazon’s European sites.

  • Raving Dave
    8 years ago

    Do you know if this works for as of yet?

  • Anthony Taylor
    8 years ago

    This is just for I have tested it and it is a complete waste of time in my opinion. You can’t query via ASIN or barcode, only keyword and unless you select a category the search accuracy is poor.

    There is no graphical representation of how price / sales rank change over time, which would be very useful when sourcing for Amazon, i.e. is the current price high / low compared with previous performance?

    The data that is there is the same as the Amazon front-end. Terapeak, you have alot of work to do on this tool, and I am disappointed you’ve released such a poor product.


    • James
      8 years ago

      Im with you on this. Got all excited when I seen it advertised the other day, yet was massively disappointed when using it.

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