LOVEFiLM: An Amazon customer acquisition tool

By Chris Dawson June 27, 2013 - 1:50 pm

LOVEFiLMAmazon acquired LOVEFiLM in 2011 and are now keen to turn all LOVEFiLM users into Amazon buyers. In order to carry on using LOVEFiLM customers will have to open an Amazon account if they don’t already have one.

Of course it makes sense really, Amazon have a universal log in and with Checkout by Amazon any retailer can make use of this to accept payments on their website. Why would Amazon want to maintain a separate set of user names and passwords for LOVEFiLM. If a user already has an Amazon account it’s probably easier for them to have a single log in rather than two separate passwords to remember.

LOVEFiLM added the ability for users to sign in with their Amazon account details last October but now it’s no longer optional. Moving forward it will be mandatory to merge your LOVEFiLM and Amazon accounts to continue using the service.

Xbox, PS3 and Wii users will need to switch using the LOVEFiLM website, but those consoles will then automatically recognise your Amazon account details and continue to function seamlessly from then on.

It’s not just a case of using a different password however, how many LOVEFiLM customer are about to open an Amazon account for the very first time? Some undoubtedly already buy on Amazon, but for those that don’t Amazon say that “You can easily create one as part of the switching process – your existing LOVEFiLM delivery address and billing details will be automatically and securely added to the new Amazon account you create“.

That should provide a nice boost to the number people with an Amazon account, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some Amazon vouchers or other incentives for LOVEFiLM customers who have never made a purchase on Amazon to start shopping on the site.

  • Darren
    4 years ago

    I closed my lovefim account as soon as amazon took over and joined Netflix – far better customer experience.

  • Craig
    4 years ago

    I dont like this change. Up until now all members of my household had access to our lovefilm account and could order films when ever they liked without bugging me. To continue it now means I would have to give them my Amazon details which I am not keen on considering they could order items on my credit card. I am now considering cancelling my lovefilm account.

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