Identify eBay images smaller then 500 pixels

By Chris Dawson June 11, 2013 - 8:47 pm

eBay imagesFrom the 1st of July on, and from some time in the Autumn on eBay UK, the . As well as eliminating decorations such as borders and text from images, there is a new requirement that all images be a minimum of 500 pixels on the longest side (it’s recommended that the longest side be 1600 pixels).

ISDNtekI’ve been complaining that it’s unfair of eBay to put in place a new requirement such as this without providing a tool for sellers to identify which images need updating. eBay still don’t have a tool, but the lovely guys at ISDN*tek have created one.

You can run the new ISDN*tek tool to find active listings that fail to comply with eBay’s image-size policy. There’s also an option to resize and stretch existing images to meet the new sizes, although as that is likely to result in significant loss of quality it’s not advisable. It’s better to reshoot images and replace with new product shots.

As well as identifying undersized images the ISDN*tek tool will report the sizes of all your eBay gallery images giving you a colour coded report.

ISDNtek image sizes

Great tool, shouldn’t take too long to run against your listings if you only have a few hundred, but if you have thousands of listings it may take several hours to complete. The maximum number of listings the tool can handle is 10,000 so it should be good for all bar the largest sellers.

Great job ISDN*tek! Shame on you eBay for not providing sellers with a tool to identify picture compliance in the first place.

As well as their new image tool, ISDN*Tek have a suite of great products suitable for eBay and the web, have a browse on their website and see if any could be of use to you.

  • Gerry007
    4 years ago

    Breathing space time
    [Or sheer laziness]…

    ‘Good ‘Til Cancelled listings aren’t affected by these changes at the moment, but make sure you’re prepared for upcoming changes’.

    • Rich
      4 years ago

      I contacted ebay last week because I noticed that GTC listings were unaffected, but was advised this was not the case. I quoted the exact same words you did which are clear and unequivocal. The assistant said this was a mistake and said he would forward the info. error to technical dept.

      Of course I don’t know the accuracy of the advice but didn’t want to risk it. At the very least I would contact ebay to find out.

  • radroach
    4 years ago

    I have found this to be a very useful tool, having by chance happened to spot a mention of it on the eBay discussion boards.

    If they can’t come up with something similar themselves, eBay should at least provide prominent links to this in order to help sellers through transition.

    I believe the new standards come into effect in the USA on July 1st – it will be interesting to see what the consequences are.

  • 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this. Its easy to use and does the job!

  • 4 years ago

    I sell Books and of course I tap in the ISBN number and hopefully there is an image on file. I take it that these standard images are all acceptable?

    But often(far too often) there is no image. Does it mean that ebay and its colleagues are going to take huge numbers of photographs to fill in all the gaps. Because the alternative is that I start to list Books and it is only part way through that I find that I need to provide my own photo because the technical details have appeared but no image(although for far too many Books there is no technical details either).

  • cj
    4 years ago


    4 years ago

    Great tool, shame you cant export to a CSV or excel file this would be much more useful to take the data offline.

  • Cambridge_Blue
    4 years ago

    Excellent find Chris and we are in the process of fixing those photos that need attention.
    There are also some interesting web tools on their site that could be useful as well.
    Thanks to ISDN*tek

    • 4 years ago

      While doing some re-listing I noticed that a number of Standard Photos have disappeared. The technical details are still there but the photo have gone.

      One I noticed specifically was of a book with a green cover(every copy of this book ever printed has had a green cover-there has never been a version with any other colour cover) where the ebay standard photo had a cover with a colour that I can best describe as yellow ochre(Railway Historians will know the story of yellow ochre being called Stroudley’s Improved Green but thats another story).

      Well that cover has gone But there were others that I noticed and the photo has been replaced by an image that looks like a very small couple of books yet still labelled as a standard image.

      However if images are to be replaced wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to replace them only when there is a better image available.

      I was also listing a few new titles and as usual a significant proportion of the technical details did not have a photo attached to them. There does seem to be any reason to it. As an example 10 titles from the same publisher of books published about the same time some will have standard photos and some not. Its not a case of some publishers all have photos and other publishers none or very few. It also does not matter if the books are just published because often these will have the technicals and no photos or 20 years old because I can point to publishers that have not existed for years where there are no technicals or photos.

      The trouble is that if I am listing and have to have a photo I do not know if there is a photo on ebays file until I get part way through the listing. I really need to know before I start if there are standard photos or not for the titles I want to list.

  • Rich
    4 years ago

    Actually this is becoming a bit of a nightmare in general.

    I have spent a while on the phone to ebay regarding numerous ambiguities regarding upcoming new picture standards.

    1.As it stands, GTC listings will be effected by the upcoming changes despite this being clearly stated in the upcoming business seller release,ie,
    “How will eBay be enforcing these changes?……Good ‘Til Cancelled listings aren’t affected by these changes at the moment, but make sure you’re prepared for upcoming changes.”

    2. There is a confusion about rules and tips. I use a scenic backdrop, some are advisng it is ok, others that it must be removed. As far as I can see it is a tip in their accompanying tips pdf guide, but some assistants are interpreting this as a rule in that all photos must be shot on a plain background. If it is a tip it needs to clearly label it as a tip, if it it is a rule likewise. The tips in the guide are mixed in with what now appear to be rules, that is very ambiguous.

    3. I have also been advised that is only one item to be illustrated on what appears in the ebay gallery. So this means the end of the montage that sellers like me to illustrate that there are numerous colours in the range.

    The change particularly effects sellers like me because I use scenic backdrops, such as a swimming pool, and montage adverts which are truly beautiful and have been a secret to success.

    But it is not even that, what is worse is the ambiguity, none of the telephone advise I have been given is consistent with one operator saying one thing, and another something in direct contradiction.

    Last week, based on what appeared to be good advice, I ammended my wife’s entire site, only now to find out that much of the work needs to be revamped again.

    But I can’t even be sure of that either, because no one seems to know.

    As it stands I now need to completely reshoot half my inventory, to produce pictures of much lesser beauty.

    And I can’t prepare until, the changes come in to effect on July 1st on the .com site when things become apparent in effect, after all no point spending hundreds of hours and pounds doing something which may be unnecessary.

    This is a mess.

  • J R
    4 years ago

    I have cut and pasted the following from


    Do the picture quality requirements apply to my Good ‘Til Cancelled listings?

    Yes. All new and revised listings and relistings are subject to the picture quality requirements, including Good ‘Til Cancelled listings. Existing Good ‘Til Cancelled listings that automatically renew (without revisions) will not be impacted at this time.


    It is pretty clear here that existing GTC listings will not be a problem at this time.

    All these changes and Ebay’s continual moving of the goal posts are starting to irritate though as so many of these things are so time consuming, something that Ebay don’t seem to take into account.

    • Gerry007
      4 years ago

      As this new rule does not take effect till August in the UK, I think I will wait & see what happens on the .com site, as it takes effect on 1st July there.

      I am more interested how ebay are going to police this matter.

      One of our competitors has over 2600 listings, all with ‘graffiti’ on them. They are much bigger than us. So what will ebay do when they do nothing on their listings, pull them all & their large fees will be gone…… also their business no doubt!!.

      Will ebay start with the weaker smaller sellers & leave the big fee payers to last…..this is going to be interesting to see.

      All a very unclear mess.

    • Rich
      4 years ago

      I retracked my steps regarding the GTC issue. In fact I telephoned or ‘chatted’ 3 times. 2 advised that GTC were definitely included this time round, whilst 1 agreed they were not.
      As with Gerry, it will become apparent on 1 July when .com site enforces new standards. And in fact when you try an upload of picture on this site the new picture upload already seems to appraise the image for pixel size for sure and perhaps also for borders and text.

    • 4 years ago

      I agree it has all become very confusing and from our own discussions with eBay customer service they don’t have all the answers.

      As far as I am aware there isn’t an exact date yet, the nearest guideline we have is still Autumn 2013 which is a fairly large timescale. From what I understand in Autumn 2013 it will only applies to ‘new’ listings.

      What are eBay going to do remove all listings that don’t comply? How will they identify aged listings that don’t comply?

  • Rich
    4 years ago

    I got a definitive answer from Ebay. I won’t quote as it is a dedicated response and I believe there should be some confidentiality:

    1. GTC listings will not be effected by upcoming changes.

    2. Montage pictures are fine.

    3. Scenic backdrops are acceptable within the context of the picture as long as they don’t impose.

    • 4 years ago

      eBay dumped montage images and then reversed the decision and continued to allow montage images as announced in December last year.

    • Rich
      4 years ago

      Yes, that’s right Chris, it just became an issue for me last week, when an advisor said only one clear item was allowed per image. Still all clear now hopefully.

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