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By Chris Dawson June 5, 2013 - 9:07 am

Yesterday I spoke to Shaf Rasul and Karl from Wholesale Clearance about the relaunch of Boffer as a wholesale daily deal website. We had some questions and comments from readers who were unable to get onto Boffer when the deal went live at 11.59am and we’ve some good news. Not only has the server been beefed up, but also Boffer have announced that they’re going to allow wholesalers to sell on the site for free! Here’s what they had to say:

Bofffer smBoffer relaunch

We have had a cracking relaunch of Boffer as a wholesale daily deals site. Our first Boffer was for joblots of Ipads and sold out within 15 minutes. Yesterday we had so many people on the website that it fell over at 11.59 am! Don’t worry, we have upgraded to a much more powerful server so this doesn’t happen again. Anyway onto the main point, bearing in mind we had 15k people visit the site today to checkout today’s Boffer, we have decided that we are going to open up the Boffer website to you guys to sell your products in the classified section in Boffer. That’s right, it’s free.

Free Boffer Wholesale Classified Ads

Here is the deal, we are looking for 15 to 20 professional sellers who have cheap good quality stock to contact us and we will give them the opportunity to list as many products as they want in the classified section. You’ve read it right, free access to 15,000 traders who buy stock in volume. We won’t charge you a fee for doing this. Why are we doing it? Well, we are nice people and the owner of Boffer is quite a well off guy and it’s not as if he needs the money anyway, that’s why he was a dragon on the dragon’s den.

To sell in the Boffer classified section free of charge you need to:

1. Either email Boffer at [email protected] or call on 01313470458
2. They will have a chat with you.
3. If you and Boffer are a good fit they will send you a logon for Boffer as an approved seller.
4. You will sell loads of gear and count your cash. Easy!

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