eBay to release redesigned seller invoices

By Chris Dawson June 6, 2013 - 10:57 am

eBay have announced that from this month a new version of the eBay invoice will be rolled out. eBay don’t tinker with things like invoices just for the sake of tinkering so it’s likely that they’ve spent a lot of time making invoices more useful and easy to interpret.

In my view invoices should have two main functions. First is as a legal statement of the fees that you’ve incurred over the course of the last month. The second reason is so that you can discover where your fees are going, which features that you’re paying for are working and are worth investing in and possibly also which fees you’re needless spending money on that aren’t increasing your sales.

eBay say that the main features of the new invoices are:

· Clearly display your seller fees, as well as all the discounts, credits and promotions you’ve received so you can quickly assess how much you’ve saved. Some promotional savings may appear in the following invoice

· Display your transaction fees chronologically. And as of 13 June 2013—if you prefer—you can set them to display by item number

· Provide you with a quick comparison of your monthly fees compared to your eBay sales

· Let you know when your fees will be applied to your payment method on file

· Feature educational information, in case you have questions regarding your invoice and/or fees

When you get your new invoice let us know what you think – does it help you to decide where to spend your marketing dollars and which features are working for you. Is it easier to see where you could be saving money? Is it better than the old one?

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